Multicoloured DreamsLarge scale wall painting on a construction sight in the center of Helsinki Market square. Organized by Multicoloured Dreams under the title Patterned City.

Réka Király is a Helsinki based graphic- and pattern designer, illustrator. She has been working in projects of various scales from commercial to non-profit, for print, paper- and textile products, interior murals. In 2012 she collaborated on their first book 'It's snowing, Lupo!' with Marika Maijala. In 2013 her own children’s book 'Little Big Story of Tomorrow' was published.

Reka Kiraly is a member of:
Grafia ry - Association of Professional Graphic Designers in Finland

Pattern design The Little Big story of tomorrow / Pieni Suuri Tarina huomisestawritten and illustrated by Réka Királypublished by WSOY, 2013 It’s snowing Lupo! / Lunta sataa, Lupo!written and illustrated by Marika Maijala and Réka Királypublished by WSOY, 2012